We've Launched Consulting Services For Expats In Germany


It’s been a long time coming….but we're very excited to announce that our first services for expats in Germany are now LIVE!


I started Live Work Germany as a blog just over a year ago. For those of you who haven’t read my story (Hint: It’s on the About Page!), I was convinced that there was (and still is) a huge opportunity to offer help in the form of services for expats in Germany, to help those who are moving or had recently moved here, as well as those still in their home country considering emigrating to Germany.



Why is there a need for what we do?


services for expats in GermanyBecause it’s hard when you first move here without a network of contacts, and without being able to speak the language. If I had not had the good fortune of a helpful boss and wonderful flatmate way back in the day when I lived in Dresden on my sandwich year from university, I would have had a very different experience of Germany.


You see, most people fall somewhere in the middle, and therefore get no assistance from any source. They can’t get help from the German government because they are not seeking refuge or asylum. Likewise, they can’t usually get help from their employer unless they are top executives, who are usually provided with a relocation agent and have HR running around after them.


For the average young professional moving here to work (or perhaps to study), it’s a tough starting out and settling into life here. It’s rarely seamless, and often very stressful dealing with all of the issues which come with establishing a new life in a new country with laws, regulations and customs which you don’t understand.


It pains me to say it, but Germany is not an easy destination to get started as an expat.


On the one hand, it is a modern, liberal country which has a recent history of welcoming foreigners and encouraging skilled immigration, and with an abundance of opportunity for qualified, energised professionals who want to better themselves and see greater chances of professional success in a booming economy. Unemployment is low; the population is ageing. This dangles a carrot of boundless opportunity for skilled workers, especially as the older generation retires with nobody to take their position in the workforce. Salaries are high compared to cost of living, and Germany boasts a great quality of life, with clean, safe cities, right in the heart of Europe.


It’s not hard to see why people want to move here. I love it here (well, except during the winter) and would eagerly recommend moving here in a heartbeat to anyone who asks me.


But there’s always a down side.

dealing with German bureaucracy

The less attractive side of Germany is dealing with any type of service industry or government officialdom. You see, Germany is also a place with very antiquated and frustrating bureaucracy. There is a culture of suspicion towards modernisation and change, as well as many unfathomable rules and processes. Sadly but all too frequently, you will encounter inflexible government employees and an attitude towards customer service which could have been transplanted straight out of the Soviet Union.


It’s these things which often frustrate expats, who have come here wanting to work hard, eagerly embrace life in their new country, better themselves and improve their quality of life and standard of living.


Spending hours dealing with all of the crap which being a foreigner in Germany sometimes throws at you is nobody’s idea of fun, and can leave you emotionally drained, dreading opening the post box in fear of another sternly worded letter from some or other arm of the state.


And while fun it may not be, there is always help on hand. Because as Michael Jackson once said before he completely lost the plot, you are not alone.


What we aspire to at Live Work Germany is building an online, modern and FLEXIBLE business, providing services for expats in Germany through a friendly platform, helping people with all kinds of expat-related questions which do not require a qualified lawyer or tax advisor.


services for expats in GermanyBecause let’s face it, professional services in Germany are extremely expensive and often, the reality is you don’t need to use them.


We can help you more cost-effectively because we don’t have to pay for our office overheads, or a receptionist, or a 1,000 Euro Jura coffee machine! And YES, we also accept credit cards.


Because we’re a virtual business, completely location independent, we are also available outside of the usual 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday. We understand that a business’s reason to exist is through providing value to, and serving YOU as our CUSTOMERS. And guess what? Customers usually need help during the hours when they are not at work themselves.


So what are we offering?


First of all, we have launched a telephone consulting service (we can work with you through Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom).


I am personally hosting all of these appointments myself because it’s important to me to build trust as a new business. We are offering 30 minutes and 1 hour consulting slots at different prices. Go and check out our Services page for more details, or just click on the button below.



But even better, we are offering a FREE 10 minute session to build on this and help expats who have a quick question but don’t need a longer, more detailed session.


All we ask is that you give us a review on Facebook or provide us with a testimonial we can publish if you are happy with our service.


The available appointment slots may change slightly from week to week. I have a life too and enjoy a beer or glass of wine now and again! We will take on staff to expand though as demand grows. The point is this: We will be available for you when others are not, because we can be. And this is ultimately what will set us apart from our competitors.


What sets us apart is that we are not a language school, co-working space, financial advisor, insurance company or relocation agent claiming to be an expat service provider.


Don’t get me wrong, many of these guys are great at what they do in their respective businesses. But being an expat service provider is not the main reason why they get out of bed every day. Their core business is helping people to solve different kinds of problems, although of course some of these are related.


I have been amazed and am truly grateful of how quickly the Live Work Germany website has been able to grow a great audience. I am convinced this has been through providing quality, reliable advice in an informal atmosphere through regular blog articles. The philosophy of quality in an approachable, informal atmosphere is what I want to continue to pursue as we expand the services we offer.


services for expats in Germany


Some exciting things in the pipeline for early 2018 as we expand…. 


Are you having trouble with your annual service charges statement from your landlord?


Or maybe struggling with cancelling evergreen contracts and being charged for something you don’t want?


Or perhaps you need a simple apartment finding service which doesn’t involve having a relocation agent to hold your hand and meet you for viewings?


Then you are going to love us even more! But that’s all for another day. Maybe a New Year message, just like the politicians do.


Until then, I am extremely grateful and thankful for your support in reading all of the blog posts over the past year, and look forward to serving you as we grow as an online business.


To all expats in Germany, this country is your adopted home, and we are here to help you on your journey. Our aim is to make Germany feel simple, when often it may not seem that way.


And remember, I’m an expat too, and I’ve been through a lot of your pain points already. Growing stronger by learning through failure is something I've done too!