Live Work Germany ’s Plans As We Welcome 2018


First of all, a Happy New Year from Live Work Germany to everybody reading this and I wish everyone a successful and prosperous 2018.

If one of your goals this year is to move to Germany, or maybe you’re already here and are struggling with some of the frustrating, everyday administrative hurdles which all expats face then read on, because this is definitely for you!

This is a quick summary of what Live Work Germany has planned for this year, and some of the changes we will be making to the content we provide.


Launch More Services


First of all, we’re going to be launching more services during Q1 of 2018.

We will be adding a new service which offers a brief summary of key points contained in any official German letters or emails.

What we aim to do here is provide a summary in English of any correspondence you receive, without the need for you to get the whole thing translated word-for-word.

This service is mainly aimed at expats who don’t speak much German. Perhaps you don’t want to ask colleagues or friends every time you receive a German letter, or have not built up a network of native speaker contacts yet.

Expect this to go live around end of January / early February.

We will be offering a price per letter, as well as an annual flat rate which gives unlimited access to the service for a year.

If this sounds interesting, sign up below and you will be the first to know when it goes live!




Work As An Affiliate For Service Providers


If you are a service provider and are looking to increase the amount of business you do with expat clients, we would like to hear from you.

The Live Work Germany philosophy is that even though we can’t directly provide a complete suite of services to everybody, we would nonetheless like to point people in the right direction towards trusted partners.

We often receive messages asking for help in areas where we are not qualified to provide detailed assistance. There is clearly a demand for the people-to-people business concept of doing business with companies which come recommended from a trusted platform such as Live Work Germany.

Particularly if you are active in areas such as insurance, tax advisory services, immigration law, visa assistance, bespoke relocation assistance or financial advisory services, please get in contact with us!

Head over to our Press / Affiliates page for more details!


Keep Blogging


We will continue to provide weekly content in the form of a blog post. No major changes here!


More Video Content


One of the key takeaways which I took away from an online business summit I attended in London back in November was that a lot of key influencers are investing a lot more time and effort into vlogging, especially their presence on YouTube.

Everybody likes to consume content in a different way, and I feel that some people who we are possibly not connecting with through the blog could gain value from our content if we build a presence on YouTube.

Our YouTube channel is up and running and we will be building this out over the coming weeks. It still looks a bit basic over there at the moment but it would be fantastic if you could support us by subscribing to Live Work Germany on YouTube!

We’re not 100% sure how often we will release new videos….I think the best approach on this is to see how popular the videos are and see how well received this new form of content is from our audience. It would be great to get your feedback!


Expat Interviews


A couple of expat blogs and more generic expat websites already do this, and it is something I would also like to incorporate into Live Work Germany.

So, going into 2018 we are going to feature a new section of the Blog for expat interviews, and publish 1 each month.

If you would like to be featured and tell your own story, send us an email and we will follow up with you.

Maybe if you have your own blog and would like to extend your reach, then we can also link to you and include your blurb & photo.


Live Q & A


I did the first Live Q & A on Facebook Live in November and it was really just a trial to see how it went.

We then followed it up with another Live Q & A last week which we marketed to our email list and FB Page. This was well received and had a lot of positive feedback in the comments below the video.

The format is very informal. It’s your opportunity to ask James anything to do with expat life in Germany or relocating to Germany. It’s a good way to get a couple of basic questions answered if you would like to have a bit of background on a specific topic before perhaps committing to a consulting session with us. It also offers a sanity check before spending money on a tax advisor, immigration lawyer, relocation consultant etc.

So, we are definitely going to make this a regular feature!

For now, this will be on the last Thursday of each month at 18:30 CET. It’s impossible to find a slot where participants from all over the world can join live…so for now we will leave the time slot as it currently is and perhaps experiment later in the year with different times. Or depending on popularity, maybe even do one aimed at Asia and Australia, and another for Europe and North America.

Click here to RSVP to the next Facebook Live Q & A.


Get More Feedback From Our Followers


We would love to get more detailed feedback on what we’re doing great, and what’s not so great and could be improved.

If anyone out there would be keen to jump onto a live call, let’s connect on a 15 minute Skype chat to discuss…please send us an email and we will follow up and schedule at a convenient time.


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