Advertising Opportunities


Thank you for your interest regarding advertising. We’re glad to offer a whole range of opportunities to suit your needs. Just click on the relevant tab in the section below for more details.

But first, please take a look at some key statistics to give you a feel of how Live Work Germany’s audience is made up.

Monthly Traffic


Page Views: 40,000

Unique Users: 25,000

Browser Language


English: 78%

German: 5%

Others: 17%



Male: 60%

Female: 40%



Age 18-24: 19%

Age 25-34: 52%

Age 35-44: 17%

Age 45-54: 7%

Age Over 55: 6%

Get Your Very Own Personalised Blog Post


A blog post is a bit like a puppy. It’s for life, not just for Christmas!

And it can bring you ongoing joy with a steady stream of sales leads for months and years to come.

With a sponsored blog post you can use up to 1,500 words to get your personalised message across to Live Work Germany’s readers.


By choosing your title keywords wisely, this could be the best investment you ever make if you can rank on Page 1 of Google with this post. We can help you with this to give you an idea of search traffic in your area of expertise.

All packages include a post on Facebook, Twitter and a linked image feature in our Newsletter on the week the article is published.


Price: EUR 150 

You write the post and provide us with the keyword title, all images and meta description. We upload and publish it on your desired date.



Price: EUR 200

You write the post. We provide you with the keyword title, images and meta description. We then upload and publish it on your desired date.



Price: EUR 300

We hire an experienced, native English speaking content writer for an approx. 1,000 word article. We also provide you with the keyword title, images and meta description. You just provide us with your scope, some key bullet points and your logo / blurb if required and we’ll do the rest!


What’s Included?


1 post on LWG’s Facebook Page

1 post in Facebook Group (if the product / service is a relevant fit)

5 posts on Twitter over the course of 1 month

1 Featured Email Campaign to Live Work Germany’s 3,000 email subscribers (as of June 2019)


Price: EUR 79


Please contact us first to ensure that this is a good fit for both parties. Our social media presence is much more personal than something like a simple banner ad. 

Are we a good fit?


I’m always open to promote products which make life easier for the expat community in Germany and skilled professionals seeking to relocate here.

It’s a win-win relationship for the seller, the affiliate and the end customer.

However, it must be a product or service I would be happy to use myself and would want to try out the product or service first where possible before feeling confident to recommend it to Live Work Germany’s readers, subscribers and customers.

Therefore, where possible I would want to try out and experience the product or service first 

If you feel an affiliate relationship would be a better fit than purchasing advertising or sponsorships, then we’d love to hear from you.


General Terms


Traffic stats are a guide based on previous months’ visitor numbers. This does not imply a guarantee of future traffic. We will, however, provide full transparency of our traffic to advertisers upon request at any time.

Payment can be made by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or bank transfer with standard invoice. If you wish to pay through PayPal, we will add a 3% admin fee to cover their fees.

For payment on invoice, payment is due within 14 days from date of invoice. Non-payment after a reminder has been sent will result in removal of any promotion (blog post or social media post) until payment has been received in full.

Please note that in order to maintain our brand integrity for our own products & services, we don’t offer advertising on our Homepage or Services pages.