Speeding And Parking Fines

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  1. You click on the Buy Button and through the wonders of the internet, you transfer me some money.
  2. You scan and send me your speeding fine or parking ticket by email. Acceptable file formats are .JPG, .PDF or .PNG. Please remove or cover your address details if you do not wish me to see your personal data. (I have no interest in using this personal data for any purposes. I just need your email address to answer your query).
  3. Send these documents to info@liveworkgermany.com
  4. I will provide a short, bullet point summary of your letter in my email reply to you, which will state:
    • What you are being accused of
    • How to pay the fine (if relevant)
    • What your possible next actions are
    • What the potential consequences of not paying / ignoring the fines could be
  5. Responses are guaranteed within 48 hours (usually faster) by email
  6. Lawyers are expensive for a reason. I’m not a lawyer, otherwise I would be charging €200 per hour. Please respect this and don’t ask me for legal advice. 
  7. If you do not comply with #6: I will return your order explaining that I am unable to answer your query and will provide a full refund, minus admin and processing fees of 5%.
  8. These terms are also contained in your purchase receipt email as a downloadable PDF.




What happens if I have a follow-up question?

If it’s a simple follow-up email, I am happy to help you at no extra cost. If you’re asking for anything which could be considered legal advice, see above point number 6. If you have a more complex question or are looking for assistance with contacting the issuing authority of your fine for further clarification, this is chargeable and I can provide a quote upon request.

What if I am not happy with the service?

I want to provide full satisfaction to my clients! Therefore, I will provide a full refund, minus admin and processing fees of 5%, to anybody who is not satisfied with the service, provided there is a legitimate reason for complaint. Please discuss any issues with me first – I am generally a very reasonable person!