Finding A Job In Germany:

Strategies, Must-Know  Tips and Premium Support

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Let’s find out how employable you are

Because unless you’re an EU citizen, you’ll need a job offer to get a residence permit to enable you to legally work in Germany.

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How much longer are you content to sit there, getting more and more frustrated with rejection letters or no responses to your job applications?

If you’re struggling with finding a job and are desperate to get hired, then it’s quite probably 2 factors that are preventing you:

1. Your foreign qualifications have not been formally recognised in Germany, so employers are cautious about hiring you.

2. You’re making some classic, rookie mistakes with your CV (resumé), cover letter and supporting documents for your job application.

Both of these are frequent mistakes made by newbies who are struggling with finding a  job in Germany.

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Qualification Recognition

Recognition in Germany is a great example of a well intended process which just seems to confuse many skilled professionals who want to live and work in Germany!

In one initial 30 minute session, I’ll provide clear guidance on whether you need to get recognition, how to go about this process, what you need to submit, and to whom.

Save time, frustration and money! Get your recognition certificate faster & start working!

Help with Job Search

Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich may be international cities but they’re certainly not Dubai or Singapore when it comes to companies hiring or operating in English.

To succeed, you’ll need way more than just an average LinkedIn profile, international style CV and a triple shot of good old hope!

I can help you achieve breakthroughs, crush your interviews and confidently negotiate with German employers on salary expectations.

If you’re looking to work in Germany for the first time, then it’s highly probable that you’re not yet fluent in German.

This detailed article looks at how to best get hired or position yourself for English speaking jobs in Germany and the tips and strategies to consider when searching in this very competitive market.