Live Work Germany In 100 Words

Live Work Germany In 100 Words

Live Work Germany’s services help those who have recently arrived, the established expat community, as well as foreigners seeking to move to Germany.

In Germany it can often seem difficult to complete seemingly simple tasks, due to its complicated bureaucracy and sometimes indifferent customer service. Helping those who don’t speak the language or don’t fully understand how certain processes work, we make Germany simple so as expats can stop worrying and enjoy life in their new home.

Our USP is we are a 100% online business, run by an expat who has experienced and conquered most of the problems our community faces. We aim to build trust through our popular blog, offering genuine, in-depth, honest and up-to-date content of helpful, insightful articles.



As we grow our presence, we would be delighted to work with journalists and reporters covering stories relevant to the expatriate community in Germany, especially on these or similar topics:

  • Experiences of expats in Germany and their stories of integration.
  • Worker shortages and the attractiveness of Germany as a destination for globally mobile foreign talent.
  • Cultural differences faced by foreign professionals in the Germany (both from a business and socialising perspective).

We are also keen to write guest articles or blogs for websites which have synergies with Live Work Germany’s target audience and business concept.

Please get in touch with James by emailing and it would be a pleasure to discuss further!

Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate Partnerships

At Live Work Germany, we realise we cannot serve everybody through our own portfolio of services. That’s why we are very keen to establish partnerships with reliable, trustworthy businesses who are experts in their specific field and would like to grow their customer base among the expatriate community.

Through these partnerships, we would offer the opportunity for you to occasionally guest post, as well as being a trusted referral partner for any queries which we receive and cannot help with directly because it is not our key area of expertise. Future ventures may also include joint webinars on a subject-specific topic.

Making our customers happy is our number 1 goal, and therefore it is essential that you are able to offer support in English and that you understand the customer service mentality and expectation of an international clientele.

If you believe this sets you apart from competitors in your field, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the page or just email us at and let’s talk!



Just over 70% of visitors to were either based in Germany or in the major English-speaking countries: The US, UK, India, Canada and Australia.

Not surprisingly, the largest single target market was Germany, typically representing around 45% of total traffic to the website.

Language Preferences:

Based on data from Google Analytics, ca. 75% of visitors to are using an English-language search.


As this is constantly changing, please reach out to us and we will happily share our traffic stats from the last 3 months!