You've maybe heard that Germany has pretty liberal immigration laws for third country nationals with a skilled trade or a university education.

Indeed, moving to Germany can be quite straightforward for non-EU/EEA nationals if they tick the right boxes.

But first you'll need essential guidance to clearly understand the requirements and to realistically appraise your job opportunities.

Our online course is your best buddy for the journey!


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According to some of the press and people on Twitter, us Brits will never, ever be able to live and work in the EU ever again.

That's utter rubbish! Look beyond the obvious free movement limitations which Brexit places on us.

Moving to Germany is actually quite straightforward for skilled non-EU nationals – i.e. us, after December 2020.

There's most likely a route open to you:

If you have a degree, or are a skilled tradesperson, or are self-employed, our online course shows you the way.