Terms and Conditions of Service



(Don’t worry, we just need to protect ourselves from the bad guys out there!)





The Terms and Conditions set out below shall determine the relationship between this website provider, henceforth referred to as “Live Work Germany” and the party receiving the services, henceforth referred to as the “Client”.





Live Work Germany takes a 20% non-refundable deposit at the time the Client makes the booking. This is valid for all Skype / Zoom / WhatsApp telephone consulting services. Appointments may be rescheduled by the Client at a mutually convenient time. However, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice must be given in writing to Live Work Germany by emailing info@liveworkgermany.com with the request. The timestamp on the email will be considered as the time of transmission.


Failure to make a cancellation within this notice period will result in the Client’s deposit being lost and in all such cases, a new appointment must be scheduled at standard cost.



Billing and Adherence to Time


Live Work Germany will strive to do our best to complete and finish any specific question or point being discussed, in order to avoid an abrupt end to any consulting call. However, the Client must book a follow up appointment if the discussion exceeds the allotted time by more than 5 minutes' grace period at the end.

This does not apply to Free 10 Minute Consultations, which may be terminated punctually at Live Work Germany's discretion.



Recording of Conversations


Recording of telephone or video calls by the Client, either in audio or video form, is strictly prohibited. For Clients wishing to have their call recorded, Live Work Germany offers an upgrade option for recording as an add-on service which may be purchased at the time of booking.



Specialist Advice


Live Work Germany provides services to assist expatriates in dealing with everyday problems and issues encountered as a foreigner in Germany. We neither make the claim to, nor do we, provide Legal and / or Tax Accountancy services.


For any specialist legal or tax related queries, Live Work Germany strongly recommends hiring a lawyer or tax advisor. Such questions  from Clients shall be declined during any telephone consulting sessions if Live Work Germany deems that they constitute a topic which requires a specialist, qualified professional in this field.



Payment Terms


All payments for serviced booked through the site shall be made electronically in advance of the service being performed. We use Paypal and Stripe to process electronic payments. By using these services, you give your consent to their respective privacy policies which can be found by clicking on the links contained in this paragraph.



Limitation of Liability


Live Work Germany shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential losses incurred in any form as a result of any actions taken by an individual resulting from advice given during a telephone consulting session.


The client explicitly understands and accepts that all advice given shall be considered for advisory purposes only.



Salvatorial Clause


Should any of these terms become obsolete, or superseded by, changes to any relevant laws or regulations, the remainder of these terms and conditions set forth shall remain valid and binding.





These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.