Many formalities in Germany have to be accomplished at the very time you know so little about how things work here: During your first weeks in the country. German bureaucracy isn’t particularly easy or efficient. We guide you step-by-step here on what you need to do, and put you on the right course.

Whether it is finding a job, getting to grips with the German job application process, understanding where to find the biggest employers in the region you have relocated to, or simply understanding some of the idiosyncrasies of German workplace culture, we’ve got you covered here.

Life in a foreign country can sometimes feel like a puzzle. This section helps put the pieces together of day-to-day aspects of life in Germany. A successful integration has a strong influence on your expat life being a happy experience. We want you to feel at home in Germany as quickly as possible!

Learning the language of your host country is a necessary, respectful and essential part of maximising your expat experience, and also vastly improves your quality of life. Being comfortable outside your expat bubble means being able to meaningfully communicate in German with the locals.

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