YouTube is a great medium to learn German.

Video content generally tends to be more “sticky” than trying to learn vocabulary or grammar from a book or a mobile app.

Sure, it has its downsides. You can’t watch a YouTube video while walking the dog or doing housework.

But if you’re a more visual person and like to be taught by a person you can see, rather than an algorithm, then this guide will spike your motivation for learning German with YouTube!

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learn german on youtube

1. Learn German With Anja

Learn German With Anja is the most popular German learning YouTube channel and hits a nice mix between personality and quality education.

There’s a video series covering the basics of A1 German, and some great content on commonly made mistakes and sticky grammar points.

Anja herself is a hugely enthusiastic, smiley host whose style will either be a total selling point for you, or the reason you never visit this channel again.

Generally her videos are aimed at beginners and lower-intermediates.

2. Lingoni German

In contrast, Lingoni German could not be more different.

Taking a clean, no-nonsense approach to learn German on YouTube, this channel is quiet, sensible and totally focused on language.

Videos are presented like lessons, with defined learning goals and important vocabulary clearly written out at the bottom of the screen.

Courses are structured around the official language standards too, so if you’re trying to get from A1 to B1, or even beyond, these videos provide a great framework.

3. Deutsch für Euch

This is a warm, informal channel that tackles tricky grammar concepts in great depth, as well as providing courses for absolute beginners.

Host Katja is friendly without being over the top, with a style that makes her feel like your personal language tutor.

Perhaps the most unique thing about Deutsch für Euch is Katja’s focus on motivation and perseverance.

It’s nice to have the odd pep-talk along the way.

4. Learn German with Herr Antrim

Another very popular channel, Herr Antrim is an American German-speaker with teaching skills as sharp as his trademark bow ties.

His regular videos and huge back catalogue have a strong focus on grammatical concepts.

He uses comedy and games to supplement his lessons, so this is a fantastic choice for beginners who might feel intimidated by the prospect of learning a new language.

5. Get Germanized

He’s the most popular male German teacher on Youtube, and it’s easy to see why.

Get Germanized‘s videos are short, slick, and often pretty funny.

His style is definitely aimed at a younger audience, but his videos are some of the best out there for punchy German learning with tons of personality.

He doesn’t go into incredible depth and he speaks a fair amount of English, so this is more for beginners than intermediate learners.

6. Smarter German

Michael Schmitz is the brains behind Smarter German and he takes a scientific approach to teaching German, by helping you to unlearn English first.

The focus here is on grammar, linguistics, and efficiency with the goal of getting to B1 in the shortest possible time.

Not all of their resources are available to learn German on YouTube for free, but if you like Michael’s teaching methods, then check out his course for beginners to go from A1 to B1.

7. Easy German

Easy German take a novel approach with their lessons. Each video is presented entirely in German with dual-language subtitles, and almost every video is filmed on location.

This gives their channel a unique focus on German as a living language, allowing you to see how it’s spoken for real.

Their “Super Easy German” series focuses on getting from A1 to A2, and is a great place to start if you’re a beginner.

8. Deutsch mit Marija

This channel is a little bit different in that the videos are aimed at intermediate and advanced learners.

If you’re seeking to pass language exams to be admitted to a German-taught university course, this is for you!

Deutsch mit Marija focuses on B1 to C1, with preparation for the C1 exam (which is often required to enter degree programmes taught in German at public universities).

9. Deutsch Lernen durch Hören

This channel takes a radically different approach. The genius is in its simplicity.

Deutsch Lernen durch Hören (learn German through listening) provides an audio track and the video piece is the written transcript of the dialogue.

This is a fantastic resource for anyone seeking to improve their listening skills. It’s definitely more “sticky” than just listening to German radio or podcasts, and really helps for remembering vocabulary.

10. Learn German

The simply titled Learn German is another minimal, no-frills course that focuses on the officially recognised language standards and structures its lessons accordingly.

There’s not much personality on show here, but the upside with Learn German is clear, concise lessons.

Every single word here is written out on the screen as if on a blackboard, and the pace is slow and deliberate. If you benefit from reading as a way to reinforce learning then this one could work well for you.

11. Learn German with German Pod 101

Part of the multi-language 101 series, Learn German with German Pod 101 is geared towards absolute beginners.

It’s more suited to those who want to learn vocabulary and simple phrases, as opposed to more structured tuition and grammatical concepts.

Great for picking up the basics, but not very helpful if you’re looking to learn the language structure and grammar.

12. Hallo Deutschschule

This very popular channel from Zürich-based Hallo Deutschschule uses animated videos to teach German.

It’s mainly aimed at beginners, although does also have content for intermediate learners who are studying for B1 and B2 as well.

The content is entirely in German, with English subtitles on the videos.

If you don’t want to be distracted by the presenter’s individual style or personality, this may be the channel for you.

13. Don’t Trust The Rabbit

This one’s a bit different. There’s no formal language course on offer, but Don’t Trust The Rabbit still gives plenty of insights into spoken German.

Host Trixi explores German dialects, colloquialisms, strange playground rhymes, and all the other odd corners of the language.

Her approach is fun, lighthearted, and often pretty wacky.

You won’t get an in-depth grammar lesson here, but Don’t Trust The Rabbit covers some really interesting topics that you won’t find anywhere else.

Recently the channel has not been so active.

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