Of the myriad of things you will need to deal with during your first weeks after arrival, health insurance in Germany will probably be THE most confusing task as a newcomer.

So, this is a topic which has lots of facets and nuances.

We’ve therefore published separate articles which cover:

This article will tackle everything in the box below!

Note that we don’t cover incoming health insurance here for those entering the country on a job seeker visa, or those seeking to apply for a residence permit for self-employment (the “freelancer visa”) from within Germany.


The German Healthcare System Explained


This article will give you a thorough grasp of:

– The major differences in the German healthcare system vs. healthcare in the UK and the US

– The eligibility criteria for private health insurance

– What does health insurance in Germany typically cover?

– How contributions work (Employer vs. the Individual)

– The process of visiting a doctor in Germany

– Making appointments to see specialists

– Common watch-outs and pitfalls

– A brief summary of positives and negatives of the German system

What Options Are Available To Me?


Freelancers & Self-Employed

You automatically have the option of whether to take public health insurance or whether to opt out and take a private health insur